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Author: Lawrence J Ten Pas   -   lawrencejtenpas~AT~gmail~DOT~com
Please correct the following information:
11th Annual Beach Park Fest Car Show
Remove Lawrence J Ten Pas and email lawrencejtenpas@gmail.com to Bob Pataky and email rpataky@aol.com

April 16 2022 19:17

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Author: Steve Herro   -   herrosp~AT~matc~DOT~edu
Hey guys... Must have been a typo by me, but can you fix the June 4th MATC Campus Car Show listing? Calendar says Car "Shoe" not "Show"

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Author: Steve Michalica   -   steve~AT~waynesdrivein~DOT~com
I just posted (2) different listings for Ozaukee Corvette Club's Wednesday Cruise-Ins at Wayne's. Please use the 2nd post which has more appropriate information. THANKS, Steve

Cedarburg, WI
April 12 2022 16:16

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Author: P.Russell   -   ccswing~AT~wi~DOT~rr~DOT~com
DAN - If I didn't post, please resubmit it.
I did lose one email and I don't know how it happened.
PLEASE give address, time, and other details (unless you have a flyer with the details on it). Send me the flyer if you have one.

I have gotten emails with just a date and a name of event - I won't post without a precise location & time.

Brookfield, WI
April 8 2022 12:17

Author: Mark Shilobrit   -   markjs~AT~wi~DOT~rr~DOT~com
Hi! Could you please change the start time for this coming Sunday’s WMMC Swap Meet?! It should be switched to 8am-2pm. Thank you very much!!

WMMC Swap Meet,Waukesha, WI
April 7 2022 12:44

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